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North Carolina, United States
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Kenneth Andrew Roberts “LonJ.E.V.I.ty or J.E.V.I. Pe$ci” an akronym for the “Juggernaut of Every Vermin Insight” & “Judgement, Environment, Violence, & Instinct” is an American HIP-HOP artist/ producer (free agent) from Delaware currently in North Carolina. All Inquiries Bookings etc. please contact / …stay LIVING LONJEVITY #jevipesci

Kill Itt! – J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell

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April 17, 2017

Kill It - written & performed by N.C. Hip Hop Artists Lonjevity aka J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell, visuals by $tash featured on the upcoming "LvstOvDaVillainz" Mixtape! #LOV #lvstovdavillainz #jevipesci #axcell

J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcel (L.O.V) – “GHO5T”

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March 8, 2017

"GHO5T" (Official Music Video) - By N.C. Hiphop artists J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell (L.O.V) VoTE Now! Featured on the "LvstOvDaVillainz" Mixtape Coming soon! The song visually portrays the artists thoughts on afterlife...

J.E.V.I Pe$ci – Dropz of Ink

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November 23, 2016

"Dropz of ink" official video release written performed & directed by Lonjevity J.E.V.I Pe$ci featured on the debut titled mixtape Juggernaut of Every Vermin Insight out now! -

J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell – Been Doin Dat

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July 6, 2016

Been Doin Dat! is the First Video/ single Off of the Colab Promo mixtape (LOV) Lv$t OvDa Villainz from NC HipHop Artists J.E.V.I Pe$ci & Axcell visuals by Jevi Pesci Productions 2016.

Jevi Pesci & WesNyle – HOT ALL THA TIME

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September 19, 2015

HOT ALL THA TIME Written, Directed and Edited by Jevi Pesci & WesNyle (HipHop)Track Featured on J.E.V.I Pe$ci Upcoming Mixtape "Juggernaut of Every Vermin Insight!" 2015 all rights reserved for promotional use only.

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