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Mooler Kingz

Western Cape, South Africa
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Mooler Kingz is a Young growing talented group situated in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa. Mooler Kingz have four members who are Athenkosi Tabo( Lil King) who is also a producer for the group, Luthando Zana ( Stayeller), Xolela Gxokhwe ( X-Money) and Ibanathi Kanzi (Candy). We do African trap and Hip hop music. our music is inspired but the challenges and the struggles we face on our daily lives in the townships of South Africa and how we overcome them. we are also bringing motivation and hope to our peers through music. This group was formed in 2016 and dominated local shows and battle. In 2017 we are dropping our first mix-tape which is called “S’yeke S’vaye” which means allow us to go. the mix-tape is about motivating the youth to follow their dreams and also not to forget their roots.

Mooler Kingz – S’yeke S’vaye

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January 17, 2017

This is the first official single from Mooler Kingz in 2017, its also a title track for the upcoming Mixtape " S'yeke s'vaye"

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