1. What is RisingHype?

RisingHype is a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their videos and music as well as compete against others to get to the top of the charts. Artists can also use their profile page to consolidate their social media accounts and use it to promote themselves.

How do I get a video into a featured slot?

Click the video you want featured to go to its page, underneath the video there is a button called ‘Promote’. Click this button and select how long you want you it featured for, then go through the checkout process, you can pay by PayPal or debit/credit card. 

3. When does my promoted video to a featured slot start and end?

Your featured video will start once we have approved it and after the number of days you have purchased.

4. How will I know when my video goes live on a featured spot?

You will receive an email when this happens.

5. Where do I edit my profile?

Click “My Account” from the top menu then click the button for “Edit Public Profile”

6. What can I do to get to the top of the charts?

Get as many Hypes as you can by sharing your video across your social media networks and websites. Or for more exposure you can also promote your video by having it featured on the home page, video page and sidebar of all pages.

7. Why does my username start with “FB”

This is because you connected to our site with Facebook. Don’t worry! you can change your username in your account settings.

8. Why is my video listed under “Video requirements not met” on my account page

Your video has not met our requirements in order to be live on our site. Reasons for your video not going live on the site are:

  • The submitted media is not urban music
  • The quality (such as audio or video) does not meet standards
  • The link you provided does not work
  • Displays guns in a provocative manner
  • Is a commercial
  • Is not music
  • Is not your music