G-Star – The Root Of Reflection I

Added by on 2017-01-17

G-Star’s first mixtape titled The Root Of Reflection I. Everytime G-Star raps it was written by G-Star letter for letter. It been rapped on the mixtape’s first track Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me on the first verse “You had your shot but the opportunity was outta your range/ From my Kingdom to the States I’m making a change/ Ima be a G.O.A.T, by whatever it takes/ So ima keep spitting heavy flows ’til another levee breaks”. G-Star believes he wouldn’t even be worthy of being considered one of the greatest of all time if someone writes for him so everytime he raps it’s been written by the man himself. And with Lil Wayne being one of my favourite rappers I don’t want another levee to break so one keep spitting heavy flows, ya dig. The mixtape’s title was self-chosen by G-Star himself due to his real last name being Rose and with this from the ground up mentalities he has where better to start than from the roots and reflect himself both in and out. G-Star’s mentality through the whole mixtape process was to build it from the ground up and to make mixtape that lyrically sounds like an album so when he puts out an album you know it’s going platinum. Mixtape’s background in short, lyrics written by G-Star, beats chosen by G-Star and recorded at New Horizon Youth Centre’s studio.


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