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GHETTOEcleva aka Eric Robinson

The Florida rapper “GHETTOEcleva,” was born Eric Dale Robinson Jr., January 22, 1982 in Milton, Florida. “GHETTOEcleva” has always had a heart for music. His desire to write his own lyrics was awaken from the first time he heard Memphis rappers; “8Ball and MJG”. “E’s” aspiration to be on stage and perform began the day he saw rapper “Scarface” perform. He is driven by his own experiences, and he makes it a point to express his tests and trials through his lyrics. It is not about the metaphors with “E,” he wants his audience to relate, and feel the emotion behind his story. Today, Yo Gotti’s “Errbody,” and his album “I Am,” have become Eric’s favorite tunes to listen to.
“GHETTOEcleva” makes no secret of the life he was given, and has had a history of being a troublesome youth, in fact the name “GHETTO E” was given to him by a friend while spending some time in Hillsborough Correctional Facility, located in south Florida. Eric spent most of his life behind bars and concrete.
“GHETTOEcleva” has performed live in Pensacola, and has produced such songs as “Where do we Go,” “Drama,” “Keep It Low,” “Flossin Season,” and “Gotcha Now.” GHETTOEcleva is known for his gangster lyrics, and smooth deliverance. Ghetto E founded Stackhouse Records in 2006 with a select team of talented family and friends who shared a vision for entertaining the Gulf Coast. GHETTOEcleva did not have the knowledge of copyrights, publishing, and contracts his first time around, and has equipped himself to follow the map this time.
The energy GHETTOEcleva brings to the stage speaks for itself. He is a family oriented man with a realistic aspect on life, and the path he chose. Eric is focused on spending as much time with his children as he can while developing his brand as an independent artist, rapper, producer, and songwriter. Rapper GHETTOEcleva currently spends his time writing about his experience within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the impact it has made will be relevant in his debut album scheduled to be released early 2017. His goal is to give back to society, to influence those who have been where he has been, and to reimburse those who were there when he was down.
GHETTOEcleva is determined to stack up a lot of money on his road to success, and would love to go on tour with Jeezy in his future.

GHETTOEcleva “Dear Lord”

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January 13, 2018

GHETTOEcleva was released in November 2016, and been grinding in the studio, and in front of the camera, to tell you his story! Connect with E at" for more great music, videos, and encouragement on you...

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