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2019 Female artist Hennesy_Key
        Let’s start by saying Hennessy Key is a different type of breed of rappers. She grew in a low income family, and moved out of her mother house when she turned 18. Hennessy_Key took so many losses in her life to where she can’t look back. The only way Is up, if you look at her, you see this sweet girl that seems so innocent. Let me tell you, she done hit rock bottom the hardest, she have been down bad the longest before. Enduring her hardest struggles and toughest obstacles, it’s always all smiles with me because, she seen pain, and felt pain, and outgrew pain. Hennessy_Key is a writer from the south! And, and she is never afraid to push her lyrics.

Hennessy Key – Off with the Henny

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June 16, 2019

Hennessy_Key and backup dancer Jessica is performing to Hennessy new rap single OFF WITH THE HENNY that is on Soundcloud, Amazon, Shazam, Spotify, apple music, to name a few! Follow Hennessy_Key on all music platfor...

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