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Michael Theo Johnson, Michaelstar began singing at the age of two where he would belt out his rendition of “My sunshine has come” by Angie Stone as he walked around the house with a microphone .This Multi-Talented artist is also a Songwriter, Actor, Singer, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Anti-Bullying Advocate has been performing for several years but still found time to pursue his acting career. Michaelstar played the lead role in the urban musical “Superstar Dreamz The Musical”, which is about Bullying in Schools and Peer Pressure. He has been a participant in this Musical for the past several years. Michael has landed the lead roles in over fifty plays and musicals put on by Star House Entertainment at locations such as The Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center in Decatur, Georgia. Michaelstar has also performed for many charity events, such as Hosea Feed The Hungry, Breast Cancer Awareness Program, Diabetes Awareness, Stop The Violence Movement and Anti- Bullying events just to name a few. . Along with his theater achievements, MichaelStar has also been featured on Comcast television and WAEN TV, an internet television channel. Singing has always been a passion for Michael. His songs have been on rotation on an Internet radio called YAWDMAN Radio. His single “No It Aint A Lie has been number one on YawdMan Radio for several weeks in June of 2013. Michael was also the winner out of 23 acts, for the Universal Music Showcase in 2011. His riveting and undeniable energy had the judges in awe and because of his show stopping performance; he was offered a distribution deal from Universal Records. He briefly took vocal and piano lessons at the Gwinnett School of Music. He also took vocal lessons at Music and Arts Center in Conyers, Ga. Along with his theater achievements, distribution deal offer from Universal Records, Michael is frequently called out to casting calls for Movies and Commercial roles. He has been casted for Disney, and also casted for Universal’s “Double Sided”. Also, Michael’s father, known as Mikey Spice, is a well known recording Reggae artist who has been singing and performing since the age of seven years old. His inspirations are his father, Usher, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder and the Temptations. Just to name a few. Today, Michaelstar enjoys performing in Music Showcases where he is able to show off his vocal and dance skills. He was also nominated for Hot New Artist for the Clean Music Movement Awards in February 2014. During his leisure time he writes his own songs, practices on his keyboard and masters his dance moves. Michaelstar’s fans told him that he is an authentic artist and shall go far in the music industry. Michael Johnson, also known to some as MichaelStar, has a voice that has been compared with Stevie Wonder or a smooth tenor as Charlie Wilson from the GAP Band and moves dynamic as Chris Brown. He has also become a young CEO for 2013, where he started his own company called Michaelstar Entertainment LLC and his own publishing called Michaelstar Publishing. Contact Info: Michaelstar12@yahoo.com; Facebook-Michaelstar Johnson; YouTube-iammichaelstar: Twitter: iammichaelstar. INSTAGRAM: iammichaelstar

Michaelstar – No Behavior

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January 11, 2018

New Pop sensation Michaelstar released his 3rd single titled no Behavior. This song has a blend of Reggae, Pop and dance.

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